Good eating habbits for kids

Now that your little one has become a squirmy, distracted toddler, you know that you have to be on your game to get any food past those adorable little lips. After all, given your tot’s new mobility, he’s far more interested in cruising around and exploring his world than sitting still to eat. It’s all you can do to strap him into a high chair long enough to dish out a serving. Then, there’s the issue of getting him to actually eat the food you serve; if your toddler is anything like most, he may have become very selective (make that suspicious) about the foods he’ll eat. Add these challenges to your toddler’s developing sense of independence (usually asserted with a loud “No!” when you put food in front of him) and you’ve got a perfect storm blocking your feeding efforts. Still, as challenging as getting your toddler to eat well can be, this is actually an ideal time to start teaching him about healthy eating habits. That’s because the patterns he develops no